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Dr. Peter Trnka completes his triptych of art in the moment, during a stroll at Cornwallis Beach New Zealand

November 2019

Miranda Pierre-Paul Cardinal on the Recent Photography of Mikael Owunna

March 2018

The Man Behind the Mask: Tracey Waddleton discusses the Photography of Independent Montreal artist Twiggy Saint Skookum
March 2018

Melinda Pierre-Paul Cardinal's review of Nadia Myre's Tout Ce Qui Reste - Scattered Remains: A Woman. Artist. Indigenous. Exhibition at the MMFA in Montreal
January 2018

Dr. Peter Trnka's Second Walk in his Found Art Series

January 2018

Martin Poole reviews Logan MacDonald's exhibit The Lay of the Land

November 2017

Dr. Peter Trnka finds Art in the moment, during a stroll in downtown St. John's

September 2017

Martin Poole on Grass in the Sky: Pepa Chan, Kailey Bryan and Mimi Stockland  

August 2017

Personal Mythology in the Sculpture of Michael Massie by Martin Poole  

Landfall Trust Series - April 2017

Reflections on Jonathan Howse's Sacred   at the Christina Parker Gallery. 

April 2017

But is it Radical? Emily Deming on Radicalism in the St. John's Art Scene

March 2017

A Hair’s Breadth in Time: Peter Trnka on Philippa Jones' The Expanded Place

March 2017

Geographies of the Unknown: Martin Poole on Joe Fowler's Sequestered Elements

June 2016

Martin Poole discusses the art of Mike Gough

January 2016

Mary MacDonald discusses Matthew Hollett's recent exhibition at The Rooms in St. John's, Newfoundland.

December 2015

Dylan White recollects the late Jeannie Thib's exhibition Hyperflat at The Rooms in St. John's, Newfoundland.

September 2015

Kyle Mooney contextualizes the recent COP21 summit in Paris, France.

December 2015

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