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arts and environment

CUSS is a journal of art and culture, founded in December 2015 by Martin Poole. It is an online presence that is based out of Montreal, Quebec and St. John’s, Newfoundland.  

Siding with the premise that art and culture are inseparable, CUSS aims to examine recent art works, active artists and cultural circumstances.

The journal aims to interact with galleries and people who are engaged in the art scene; people who are critically (and creatively) making our personal and cultural customs transparent, and—in general—anyone who has something insightful to say. We pay particular attention to independent artists and art communities/festivals/events/exhibitions, but we do not exclude anything by principle. We consider all artistic disciplines: music, literary/written, theatre, dance, visual, etc.

We particularly enjoy it when ideas become action: when art meets culture in the public view, and when an artist(s) meets artistic goals at a personal level.  

Overall, we like to look at the bigger picture of the modern day. Why are underground venues becoming more popular? Why do some galleries look like clothing stores and some clothing stores look like galleries? What is contemporary art, and what feeds our conception of it? How do politics and economics affect art ecology? Can art be mass produced?

We are looking for art-writers within and outside of Canada.

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