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Founding EDITOR:

Martin Poole

Martin Poole founded Cuss Journal in 2015, a journal based out of Newfoundland, Canada, that aims to traverse into the national domain. To date, he has written poetry, short stories, plays, and art criticism. He started blarg Theatre in 2013, an arts collective that dreams of projects that migrate past medium and pop up in new locations, alternative spaces, and the context of everyday life. He is currently studying panpsychism in  the works of Arthur Schopenhauer, and Galen Strawson.


Mary MacDonald

Mary MacDonald is an artist, critic, and independent curator currently residing in St. John’s, NL. Mary graduated from Mount Allison University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2006 and continued her practical education through Zwicker’s Gallery (Halifax) and the Owens Art Gallery (Sackville). In 2012, she completed her MFA in Criticism & Curatorial Practice at OCAD University and an internship at C Magazine (Toronto). In 2012, Mary organized the W(here) Festival, a performative exploration of artistic practices in rural Pictou County, NS. From 2012-2015 Mary was the Director of Eastern Edge Gallery, an artist-run centre in St. John’s NL, leading over a hundred events, exhibitions, workshops, and summer festivals with local, national and international artists as well as an international video art series entitled Wade In.  Mary is also an active member of the Atlantic Canadian arts community encouraging critical discussion about contemporary art both here, away, and in-between on committees, panel discussions, and social media.

Mary specializes in temporary and ephemeral exhibition structures and collaboration. Her research interests include artists working within rural communities and contexts, interdisciplinary approaches to curating, and alternative locations for contemporary art. Her website can be reached here.

Article Contributors:

Melinda Pierre-Paul Cardinal

Mélinda Pierre-Paul Cardinal holds a Bachelor’s degree in Art History and is currently a Graduate Diploma student in Communications at Concordia University in Montreal. Her interests lie in contemporary art and media that challenges dominant narratives of superiority from postcolonial, decolonial and feminist perspectives. Through research and critical writing, she aims to explore ethnocultural and gendered diversity within contemporary Canadian art and media culture.

Emily Deming

Mary MacDonald (Bio Above)

Kyle Mooney

Andrea Monro

Martin Poole

Erika Jane Stephens

Dr. Peter Trnka

Tracey Waddleton

Dylan White

Graphic Designers:

Émilie Coquil

Originally from the Paris region, 35-year-old Émilie Coquil has been living and working in Montreal since 2008 as a visual artist. In 2004, she received a Master's degree in Design and Communications Strategies from the ESAIG in Paris, France. In 2005, she received a Master’s degree in Visual Communications from the BIAD in Birmingham, England. Over the past years, she has taken intensive training courses in Ceramics and psychology. With these skills, she is currently developing expressive and poetic sculptural work. She aims to push the limits of her medium by including photography and illustration in her ceramic pieces and by developing modular installations. Her artistic and creative practice is focused on the individual, she aims to discover what inspires people and shapes their multiple identities, one being at a time. She has exhibited in Paris, Westbromwich (UK), Ottawa, and Montreal. Her website can be found here.

Michael Mouland